A Multicultural Learning & Healing Center

Healing the Body – Healing the Soul

In June, 1986, the house at 540 West Broadway welcomed our presence. We knew it was the perfect space for human hearts and hands to be instruments of service to all those who were hurting and in need of healing and learning the ways of Love.


In July, 2021, we are preparing to begin once again the work of service to the Warrior Spirit in our community. These times call for us all to join together in mutual support, helping to restore and rebuild within ourselves our resilience, our capacity to believe in love and its power to heal.


The very Earth is calling us to wake up, the Warrior Spirit is needed to protect and serve nature, our environment, our children, our future. Join us in following the unfolding story of our rebuilding – it can’t come soon enough!

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Our hopes and dreams for re-opening include:

  • Social gatherings: celebrations, time to share creative expression, good food, good company
  • Healing Energy/Therapy Clinics: acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, pranic healing, reflexlogy
  • Circles of Well-Being: exploring our sense of health, asking ourselves the questions that matter