Community Business sponsors that not only donated monetarily but are aware of their part as community partners in aiding veterans on their journey to recovery. These individuals support Veteran’s and Wellness Works.

Rich Goodrich Construction
BVM Sisters and Associates of So Cal
Arbor Financial Group
Roderick L. Chapman
Finkelberg & Finkelberg
Foxy’s Restaurant
Trader Joes- Montrose
Trader Joes- Glendale
Studio One
Roderick L. Chapman D.C.
Dempster Woodworks
Sponsors believing in the Veterans  journey of healing the heart and soul
Gold- Legacy Partner:
City of Pasadena
Vietnam Veterans of America
Congresswoman Judy ChuSilver- Vision Partner:
Clint-Linda Dacon
Dan Cole
Bronze- Mission Partner:
Elk’s of Glendale
Kiwanis Club of Jewel City
Glendale City Employee(s)
VFW Burbank
Lynn Zawacki
Stanley Kirkham
Anita WallaceEvent- Advocacy Partner:
Edith Benay
Joyce Bigelow
Ken and Dave
Burbank Sunrise Rotary
Camille Levee
Cliff Ishigaki
Rep. Laura Friedman
Lauren Arenson Ph.D.
Robert Daley and Family
Team Push-up Inc.
Helen Novak
Leilani Squire
Deadly Writer’s Platoon
Debora K. Souza
Sean Souza
Cynthia & Mark CatlinOther-Inspiration Partner:
John Solis
Rachel Warmack
Greg Caruso
Roberta Reynolds
Randall Wolff
Teryne Dorret
Lorie Davis
Sister Marion Hurley, BVM
Karen Mateer
Janice D. Lowers
Cameryn Breen