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Healing the Body. Healing the Soul.

Welcome Home Veterans

The sign over the driveway reads “Welcome Home and Thanks.” As Wellness Works continues our work with veterans and their families, we find that it is not that simple. Veterans, if you ask them directly, will say, I know the sign says “Welcome Home” but to tell you the truth, I don’t know where Home is any more.

We as Americans have a huge task on our hearts and hands.  Some veterans of war have visible, physical wounds. No arms. No legs. Severe burns. But all veterans of war have invisible wounds of the heart and soul.  We have all heard that home is where the heart is….Wellness Works is committed to help in the process of healing the body and healing the soul.

Together, as a community we must learn how to create this space with heart and soul so that when veterans come, they know they are Home!

Download Veterans Brochure as a PDF